Best Glute Stretch Variations

Demonstrated in this video are some legit glute 🍑  variations that I personally use and share with all of my patients and clients. These stretches are not just limited to the glutes, some of them will hit the deep hip rotator muscles and hamstrings as well. Having the ability to move through your full hip ROM with daily activities is really important. If you can’t move through your hips, you’re going to compensate somewhere else (typically your back). Over-compensating with your back has the potential to lead to low back  pain or discomfort, so let’s just avoid that all together!   I use these prior to working out, after working out, and on recovery days. It’s just a matter of parameters that I switch up‼️ Here is the order of the exercises   1️⃣ Standing supported modified pigeon 2️⃣ Tall sitting supported figure four 3️⃣ Half-kneeling fwd/bwd rock backs 4️⃣ Half-kneeling medial/lateral rock backs 5️⃣ Dynamic modified pigeon 6️⃣ Dynamic 90/90 forward leans 7️⃣ Supine modified figure four   If you’re using these as a warm-up ➡️ perform 1-2 sets of 6-10 reps. You can use the same parameters as a cool down and/or recovery days or a few sets of static 30-60s holds. If you’re extra sore and are having some discomfort with these movements, try a smaller range of motion.
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