Bench Press With Bands

The barbell bench press exercise is a well-recognized staple exercise for good reason. It’s a great way to train the primary pushers of the upper body, including the pectoralis group, the deltoids, and the triceps. The barbell bench press can be modified to increase its application to a rehab program. One problem with the traditional bench press is that many people complain of shoulder pain at the bottom portion of the lift. While lowering the weight certainly can help, this option is inferior if strength is the goal. By attaching anchored elastic resistance bands to the barbell, we can manipulate external load throughout the range of motion. With this option, the bands are SLACKED at the bottom of the lift, thereby reducing stress on a potentially painful shoulder and TENSIONED at the top of the lift where the shoulder can more efficiently handle load. This is a great way to modify barbell exercises in later stages of rehab programs!
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