Basketball Glute Shuffle Warmup Drill

Warming up before playing sports is absolutely vital, not just from a performance standpoint but also from an injury prevention and [P]Rehab perspective. When it comes to YOUTH ATHLETES, the key is KEEPING THEM ATTENTIVE AND ENGAGED through the "boring fundamentals". This is why I absolutely love this drill for my youth basketball athletes ⛹️‍♀️. . A banded side-shuffle is a staple of many sports warm up programs and hits the frontal plane. It hits the glutes in an upright functional position and for basketball in particular, you can mimic the guarding position during this drill. . The upright firehydrant is the PERFECT way to change directions and then work into the transverse plane. Players can keep their hands up in the guarding position the entire time to increase adherence to the exercise. Furthermore, an additional player can dribble a ball from side to side and the defensive player can "guard" them doing this drill. . 30s to a minute is plenty for this! Give this a shot and let us know what you think! Shout out to Dr. Michael Detten @mdetten who showed me this one when we were in China working at the Olympic training center! #basketball #bball #glutes #glute #warmup #firehydrant
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