Banded Walk Out

Here is the last exercise of this Developmental Kinesiology Series. Just like the rest of the exercises, this exercise can be used as an assessment or as an intervention to identify and address impairments within the kinetic chain. This exercise is all encompassing and will address bilateral scapular, hip, and core stability. It is a particularly beneficial exercise because the line of pull will induce a D2 resistance on the shoulder. If you would like to make this exercise more anti-rotational on the core, you can elevate only one arm instead of both as it’s shown in the clip. The idea behind the neuromuscular approach that Janda spoke of is to “train the brain” to maintain control, provide joint stability, and ingrain ideal quality of movement. That’s a wrap for this series! Remember: if one muscle is dysfunctional, then the whole stabilizing function is disturbed. These exercises will make sure you don’t have a weak link in the kinetic chain and that there are no compromises in the stabilizing system. Let us know what you think about this series, and if there are any future series you would like us to address.
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