Ankle Distraction With Superband

Many things can be limiting ankle dorsiflexion mobility, with the 2️⃣ most common being calf muscle tightness or ankle joint mobility restrictions. So if you've been stretching your calf for weeks with no improvement in range, more than likely you have a joint restriction. Better yet, just see a physio in person to help you determine what is the culprit in your ankle mobility �. So, if you have a JOINT RESTRICTION limiting your ankle dorsiflexion, TRY THIS MOBILIZATION! 1️⃣Tie a superband around a pole and put your foot through it. ✅Make sure that the band is UNDERNEATH YOUR MALLEOLI. If the band is higher (or too thick), we won't be nearly as specific in targeting the desired joint to improve ankle dorsiflesion (ie the talocrural joint). 2️⃣Cross each end of the band over your foot. 3️⃣With a belt (literally any belt will do), place it under the balls of your feet. 4️⃣Scoot backwards on your butt until you feel a nice pull on your ankle. This band will provide a DISTRACTION force to the joint, ideally stretching the joint capsule and allowing us to get more range out of the joint. 5️⃣With the belt in your hands, PULL BACKWARDS to impact mobilize your ankle into dorsiflexion. ⏰Mobilize for less than a minute, maybe 20-30reps. Remember, after mobilizing you need to follow it up with movement that USES YOUR NEW RANGE. So if your limited ankle dorsiflexion is limiting your squat, go and squat now! Or better yet, perform a goblet squat (with weight) trying to drive as much dorsiflexion as possible.
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