Band Pull Through Golf Swing Drill

  • HOW: Get a band anchored at the floor or hip height in the direction of your backswing. Hold the band with your lead arm. While keeping your lead arm shoulder blade squeezed back and keeping your wrist still as best as you can, rotate back into your backswing followed by powerfully performing your golf swing motion with a hip thrust and turn. Repeat and follow video for tips.
  • FEEL: You should feel your lead arm shoulder and shoulder blade muscles working as well as your core and hip muscles working with the golf swing motion. You want to focus on loading your trail hip muscles as well as squeezing your trail hip muscles to help with your rotation. You will also feel your core muscles helping with rotation and stability throughout the movement.
  • COMPENSATION: Stay strong through your shoulder and shoulder blade to keep your hand close to your lead pocket. Focus on generating power and movement from your lower body and core. Try to maintain your swing path.

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