Back Pain Warmup – Find What Works Best For You

My Back Pain Warm-Up 🙌It’s been over a year since my back has had a flare up, and I attribute my new [P]Rehab warmup as part of the reason why! . 💥 Like many of you, I have a history of chronic low back pain. At least once episode a year, that would knock me out anywhere from 1-6 months depending on the severity. While I’ve made a few adjustments in my deadlift and squat mechanics, the single biggest change I’ve made since my latest episode has been incorporating THIS warm up routine as my [P]Rehab before lifting. . 🏋️‍♂️ Before, I didn’t really “warm up” besides doing some unloaded movement work based on the lifts I was doing that day and then lighter barbell work, slowly working up to my working sets. Honestly for most people, that’s probably enough of a warm up to groove the movement pattern, raise body temperature, and prime the nervous system for lifting. . But for someone with a recurrent problem, sometimes spending a little bit more time with some [P]Rehab before getting into the lifting sessions can pay off. I include myself in that group 🙋‍♂️ . 📝 When it comes to finding YOUR own back pain [P]Rehab routine, perform the exercises that YOU feel have given you the best relief or benefit during your flare ups. Was it cat/cows like me? Has working on adductor mobility really helps? Has nerve flossing been part of the treatment? Whatever those things that have helped, try to incorporate them (briefly) into your [P]Rehab routine. . 🚨If you’re not sure what movement may be beneficial, we have a Back Pain Recovery Program where you can learn over 77 different back pain specific movements tailored towards getting you the relief you want!
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