Are You Ready to Return to Sport?

Timestamps ⏱ 00:00 Intro 1:39 Test 1 Lateral Step Down  3:54 Test 2 Single Leg Hop  5:15 Test 3 Triple Hop for Distance  6:30 Test 4 Side Hop-Single Leg    Are you ready to return to soccer? How about basketball? Or maybe even football? How do you know your body is strong, powerful, and resilient enough to get back to the things you love following a lower limb injury?  You have to test it!   Limited in equipment or space? No problem! Watch and learn how to perform self-testing to truly know if you’re ready to return to sport while decreasing your risk of re-injury!   Our Website:   Follow us on Social  Twitter: @Theprehabguys Instagram: @Theprehabguys Facebook: TikTok: The Prehab Guys
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