Anti-Rotation Deadbugs

Here are some amazing advanced dead bug variations that involve placing an anti-rotation and anti-extension torque on the core. The KEY here is to maintain an absolutely stable and still pelvis/spine. What makes these so advanced is the torque attempting to pull your spine into either rotation or extension. The only way to prevent your pelvis/spine from moving is to stabilize with your core! Note that in the anti-rotation dead bugs you can either hold the theraband with one or two arms. Using one vs two arms will equally provide the same anti-rotation torque; the difference between them is determining which other muscles groups must be called upon to stabilize the upper extremity. Using only my left hand (away from the theraband anchor), I must activate my Post Delt and scapular retractors. Using only my right hand (closer to the theraband anchor), I must activate my pectoralis and anterior delt. These are just some things to keep in mind when determining your handhold! With the anti-extension dead bugs, you get great recruitment of the lats and triceps. Remember not to overly flex the cervical spine! Thanks to for the dead bug variations!
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