Anterior Pelvic Tilt Partner Exercise

Here is a nice exercise that works on resisting anterior pelvic tilt that you can do with a partner Anterior pelvic tilt is not the devil that social media has sometimes labeled it as. For some individuals, resting in more anterior pelvic tilt can totally be fine and normal, remember everyone’s anatomy is different. However, there may be times when anterior pelvic tilt can be sensitive for individuals and may be contributing to the cause of their pain. During these instances it may be beneficial to learn how to move in and out of anterior pelvic tilt, teach body awareness, and learn how to resist anterior pelvic tilt while exercising. This is an excellent drill because both individuals get to walk forward and backward while trying to resist anterior pelvic tilt. If you don't have a partner that is ok, check out our other content that teaches you how to move in and out of anterior pelvic tilt and how to control it while moving in and out of a squat position on your hands and knees!
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