Anterior Oblique Sling Progression

Today, we're going to cover the anterior oblique sling. The anterior oblique sling consists of the external and internal obliques, the opposite side adductor muscle, and the connecting adductor abdominal fascia. The anterior oblique sling plays a huge role in accelerating and decelerating the body during sport-specific movements including change of direction. While most exercises like planks or crunches can strengthen isolated sections of the anterior oblique sling, it is most beneficial to progress into dynamic training utilizing myofascial slings. Shown in this video is one of my favorite progressions of anterior oblique sling training! Begin in supine. Maintain an isometric squeeze of a ball in between your legs. The most important part of the curl up is that the motion and power come from the bottom up. Think of activating the adductor first, then the internal oblique, then the external oblique. Remember: you are curling up from your legs, NOT curling up from your torso. Progress to tall-kneeling. The same rules apply as above. Notice the order of movement. Pelvis, torso, arms. Bottom up again. Move to half-kneeling. Use a theraband to provide some resistance into hip adduction. Finally, assume a split stance. The same rules apply. Bottom up. Use a theraband for resistance. These exercises should hit your core much differently than traditional core training. Pay attention to your order of recruitment. Remember – bottom up, not top down! The Prehab Guys are proud to partner with WebPT the leading rehab therapy platform for enhancing patient care and fueling business growth. Tag a friend who is looking to up their core training!!
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