Sample Ankle Sprain Rehab Program For Soccer

Here is something I do with soccer players DAY ONE if they can bear weight and it is safe to do so after an ankle sprain. If you want to work active range of motion into dorsiflexion and plantar flexion and resistance doesn’t matter, why not use a soccer ball vs. a resistance band? Lets face it, athletes want to play sports. Athletes are not only physically affected, but mentally as well when they’re not able to play due to an injury. Athletes typically do not enjoy rehab and can easily lose interest in basic exercises. It is a challenge, however it is our duty as physical therapists to get buy-in during the early stages of rehab. This is just one simple strategy to increase buy-in with your patients and clients by adding their sport into the mix. It is our duty to make rehab an enjoyable process. Be creative, think outside the theraband box, and reap the benefits of making your patients happy!
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