Ankle Mobility Drills and Tips and Tricks

🎥Shown in this series of videos are a bunch of different ways to mobilize your ankle and improve your range of motion! The ankle is one of the hardest joints to gain/regain mobility in, IMO largely due to the fact that people don’t USE their new range of motion with daily activities. . 🤦‍♂️For example, many people spend 10minutes doing a lot of these exercises in the video, but then when they get up and walk, THEY DON’T USE THEIR NEW RANGE OF MOTION. It's not just walking, it's going up/down stairs, squatting in the gym, using the rower, etc. In order to maintain range of motion, you NEED TO USE IT. . 👌And using it doesn't just mean a couple minutes of lunges and goblet squats after your mobility work. It's changing your gait and using your full range of motion like shown in the video clips. It's not turning your foot out and compensating through your midfoot and overpronating (ie never using your pure ankle dorsiflexion mobility). It's continually using your new range of motion throughout the day. . 🕐Mobility work NEEDS repetition. And that "work" can easily come with day to day things like walking and stairs if you pay attention to it! . 😃Happy mobilizing!
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