Ankle Dorsiflexion Stretch – Contract-Relax

  • HOW: Kneel on the ground with the foot you want to stretch in front of you.While keeping your forward foot flat on the ground, lean as far forward as you can without letting your heel come off the ground. Hold that stretch in the calf for as long as prescribed.  Staying in the same position, push down into the ground with the balls of your feet without moving your foot or leg, hold that for ten seconds. Finally, in the same position, try to bring your toes and foot off of the ground without actually moving your foot or toes.  Hold each rep for ten seconds and repeat this process as many times as you wish. 
  • FEEL: You should feel a stretch in your calf.  You should also feel the muscles in your calf and foot working. 
  • COMPENSATION: Keep your knee over your toes as much as you can without lifting your heel off of the ground.  Your heel shouldn’t lift off of the ground at any point. Don’t move the toes as you push into the ground or try to lift them off of the ground.

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