Ankle Activation Non-Weightbearing

Alternative to ankle pumps shown here are 2 multi-dimensional non weight bearing exercises for the ankle post-sprain. -First is with the use of a soccer ball, a very unstable surface which requires high demand of proprioception/balance. I go through motions in multiple planes to end ranges, which will additionally work on improving ankle mobility as the swelling is subsiding. Note: you may use some mobility from your hip joint, however for the intended purposes of this video, focus on controlling the movement at your ankle/foot. -The Second exercise is shown with the very simple platform of a wobble board. Here I work in all three planes sagittal, frontal, and transverse; in which you will shift your weight until the disc’s edge barely touches the floor. -Parameters post ankle sprain typically include 5-10 repititions for 2-3 X/day Both of these exercises are great because they work on mobility and proprioception of the ankle in multiple planes. Note: The data demonstrates that wobble board training can improve discrimination of discrete ankle movements, especially with the ankle moving into inversion which is key to prevent another ankle injury from occurring. Citation: “Wobble board (ankle disc) training effects on the discrimination of inversion movement” By: Waddington et al.
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