Agility T Test Assessment

This assessment is used to check in on your agility in forward, side to side, and backward direction. To perform this you will need to set up the “T” by using 4 markers. The first marker will be your starting point. From this point measure out 10 yards or 9.14 meters and place the second marker. From this second marker measure 5 yards or 4.57 meters out to each side and place a 3rd and 4th marker on each side to form a capital letter “T”. Once the course is set up you are now ready to begin the assessment. From the first marker you will sprint to the second marker and touch it with your hand. Next, side shuffle to the third marker, making sure to touch it with your hand, then side shuffle all the way across to the 4th marker again, touching it with your hand. Lastly, side shuffle back to marker 2 and, you guessed it, touch it with your hand, and then finishing by backpedaling to the first marker. Your score is the time it takes you to complete this course.   Prehab Goals & Normative Values: Males (seconds):Excellent: <9.5 Good: 9.5-10/5 Average:10.5-11.5 Poor: >11.5   Females (seconds):Excellent: <10.5 Good: 10.5-11.5 Average: 11.5-12.5 Poor: >12.5   Prehab Goals:Males (seconds): <10 seconds Females (seconds): <11 seconds   Reference: Agility T-test. T. Accessed September 6, 2023. Take the assessment, write down your score, and track your progress throughout the program.

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