Advanced Groin Rehab Phase II

Full Article Here:   🏋️‍♂️ Now it’s time to get brutally strong. Not just your adductors and hip flexors, but your entire leg which includes the hamstrings, glutes, quads, and lower abdominals (in no particular order). You can get as creative as you want here, but some of my go to’s include:   ✅ Elevated Psoas March. This one is a doozey! It’s similar to the standing psoas march, but now that you’re lying on your back it’s much harder on the core. Add in a single leg hamstring dominant bridge and I can guarantee you just found your next favorite exercise! . ✅ Copenhagen Planks. There are so many different variations of Copenhagen planks. I included a few here but honestly, you can use whatever you find works best for you. A 2019 study by Haroy et al found that just adding one variation of Copenhagen planks decreased the risk of injury by 41% in a group of semi-professional soccer players. . ✅ Slider variations. The lateral and diagonal slider variations are my favorite exercise for groin rehab. The key with these is you have to “pull” your body back up to the start position by using your groin muscles. . ✅ Deadlift Variations: I program a lot of deadlifts into my groin rehab. The Adductor Magnus (the biggest adductor muscle in your thigh) is actually primarily a hip extensor, especially in the last 30deg of hip extension. Thus while we are definitely getting great posterior chain activation (glutes and hamstrings) we are also getting phenomenal adductor magnus activation as well. The wider you go with your stance (ie sumo), the more you will be able to hit your adductors as well! . ✅ Standing Hip Adduction. Another favorite of mine for groin rehab. While you are definitely using your adductors on the moving leg with resistance, the key with this exercise is actual proximal core and hip control of your stabilizing leg. Pretend your hips are a ship – the ship cannot move! . 📥 You can download the entire Phase II program here:
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