Adductor Mobility Flow In Quadruped

Check out this legit adductor mobility flow that every athlete should perform prior to performing on the field or in the weight room. Hip and groin mobility is essential for various training methods including agility, plyometrics, sprinting, and performing heavy traditional and olympic weightlifting. Be sure to have sound on 🎤 so that you can hear Arash coaching Craig through this flow. If you can’t have your sound on no worries, check out the instructions below.   Get set-up on your hands and knees (quadruped) in a comfortable position. Stick the leg you want to stretch directly out to the side of you, it should be in-line with the opposite knee. Staying strong in your shoulder blades and initiating the movement with your hands by pushing into the ground ➡️ push your body backwards in a slow and controlled manner. Perform at least 3x while trying to keep a flat back as best as you can.   Point your toes towards the ceiling and again rock backwards at least 3x to increase the stretch of the adductors as well as the hamstrings. Place the hand on the opposite side of the leg being stretched behind your head and rotate your upper body and chest away from the leg being stretched. You should now feel a stretch in the middle of your thigh and up towards your groin. Perform at least 3x. With the hand on the same side of the leg being stretched, perform a ‘thread the needle’ away from the leg being stretched. Perform at least 3x.
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