ACL Rehab Reformer Eccentrics

The road to return to sport after an ACL injury can be a tough one, but with a good Physical Therapist at your side and a heavy focus on strength and conditioning, we are confident you'll be back in no time. One of the most common things I've seen around the 5-6month mark for ACL rehab is a lack of confidence with bending the knee under load. . While this is in large part due to quadriceps strength deficits, the athlete also simply does not TRUST their knee to bend under load. Typically around time frame your PT will be progressing you into plyometrics - i.e. rapid eccentric quadriceps control under load. So, to train this movement pattern and PREP athletes BEFORE going into standing functional plyometrics, TRY THIS EXERCISE. . Load up the reformer with a significant amount of tension (progress to this of course). The athlete is forced to eccentrically control knee flexion but in a very SAFE environment. There is no risk for falling. If you know the knee joint angle where the athlete is having issues, adjust the reformer to not go as deep. . Give it a shot and let us know what you think! . Hopefully you watched our IG story last week regarding an ACL Injury Prevention program for ⚽ and � that we posted!
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