ACL Injury Prevention – Court Version

This ACL Injury Prevention Program is designed to be used in court sports like basketball, volleyball, handball, etc.   The program is designed in 3 distinct phases.    Phase I: Dynamic Warm Up Phase II: Foundational Strengthening (Hip/core) Phase III: Movement Coordination/Plyometrics/Cutting   Phase I Setup:
  • 2 rows of 6 parallel cones, spaced 6 feet apart
  • Players are split into two lines
  • Two players at a time start the warm up at the starting cones
  • Players perform the A exercises inside of th cones
  • After the last cone, players turn around and perform the B exercises, outside of the cones. 
  • Each exercise is repeated twice before moving on (video just shows it once)
  Phase II Setup:
  • Perform 1 round of each exercise in a given tier
  • Then repeat (total of 2 rounds)
  Phase III Setup:
  • Landings/change of direction/reactionary drills: 2 exercises per tier; 3 tiers

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