ACJ Separation Rehab Sample Exercises

Demonstrated here are 3 example exercises that could be incorporated in a late-stage acromioclavicular joint separation injury rehabilitation program. Acriomioclavicular joint (ACJ) separation injuries are a common shoulder girdle injury in athletes. This is due to the mechanism of injury, which is usually a direct force to the acromion with the arm in an adducted position. Think of this as landing on your shoulder with your arm by your side, which is fairly common in tackle sports such as football or rugby. However, ACJ injuries are also common in extreme sports such as most events in the X-games Important goals with ACJ separation rehab include restoring total shoulder ROM and dynamic stability at the scapulothoracic joint, glenohumeral joint, AC joint, and SC joint as each of these joints can be affected by the others. Type 1, 2, and 3 ACJ injuries can be managed non-surgically wth favorable outcomes. If you have recently suffered this injury, be sure to discuss your treatment options with your primary care physician and/or orthopedist. If you're unsure seek a skilled physical therapist!
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