A BETTER Way to Stretch Your Hamstring | Episode 39

Timestamps: 0:00 Start 2:23 Test Your Hamstring Flexibility 3:11 Loaded Hamstring Stretching 4:37 Re-Test Your Flexibility 5:11 What is Hamstring Tightness Are your hamstrings constantly tight? Have you tried a ton of static stretching but still your hamstrings feel tight? We’re here to show you how you can finally loosen up those hamstrings for good and why the stretching you’ve been doing in the past may not be working! In the video, follow along with Mike and Arash and test your flexibility! All you need to perform the assessments and treatments is a bit of space at home and a heavy weight! Learn more: https://library.theprehabguys.com/how-much-do... https://library.theprehabguys.com/proper-hams... https://library.theprehabguys.com/podcast/how... Video Edited By: https://www.instagram.com/aesthetic_al/
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