90/90 Hip Lift Off – Internal Rotation, External Rotation

  • HOW: Get in a seated position on the ground with one knee straight from your keeping your lower leg pointing in creating a 90 degree angle. Position your other knee out out to the side with your lower leg pointing straight back. Stay in an upright position as you try to lift up your lower leg slightly off the ground rotating that hip. Release that down, then try to lift the other leg’s lower leg off of the ground. Alternate lifting each leg up for the prescribed amount of reps. 
  • FEEL: You should feel a stretch in both hips. You will also feel the deep hip muscles working as you rotate each hip in a different direction. 
  • COMPENSATION: Keep your back upright, don’t slouch forward as you try to lift your lower leg up. Try to keep your knee on the ground and just lift your lower leg.

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