Six-Meter Hop for Time Assessment

This assessment is used to see how fast you can cover a 6 meter distance using single-leg hops. You will need tape or a tape measure laid out that spans 6 meters or 19.7 feet. Starting from 0, on one leg you will use a series of multiple hops to cover the 6 meters as fast as possible. The stopwatch should be started on your first movement and stopped once you cross the 6 meter line. Along with speed, you should also be aware of your landing quality and balance. We recommend using the following protocol: Perform a warm-up trial at 50 percent effort, then 75 percent effort, and then near max effort. Once warmed up take 2-3 attempts and your score will be the fastest one. Rest and then repeat this on the other side. Prehab Goals & Normative Data: Male (second): 1.75-2.00 Female (second): 2.13-2.25 Prehab Goals: Male (second): 1.75 Female (second): 2.13 Reference: Myers BA, Jenkins WL, Killian C, Rundquist P. Normative data for hop tests in high school and collegiate basketball and soccer players. International journal of sports physical therapy. 2014;9(5):596-603. Take the assessment, write down your score, and track your progress throughout the program.
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