6 Best Lower Back Exercises: Back Mobility Routine! | Episode 27

Got low back tightness? You’re not alone! Grab a yoga matt and get on the floor as you follow along with this 5 minute routine that we promise you will make your back feel like a million bucks after! The goal of this mobility routine is to introduce gentle motions into your low back to get you prepared to tackle the day. There may be some points during the exercise that you feel your back stiffness - that is normal! The goal is to work through that stiffness in a nice and controlled fashion, introducing our back to those motions. That way, when we stand up and do the same motions later, our back is warmed up and it's not so alarming! For more information on causes, routines and fixe for low back tightness, check out the full article on our website! https://library.theprehabguys.com/how-to-mana... Some keys to a managing low back tightness include: hip mobility, segmental mobility, moving in all three planes of motions, understanding that stiffness does not necessarily equal damage, cracking/popping/noises is okay, morning stiffness is normal! Do each exercises for 10 reps per side - Single knee to chest - Segmental rolling bridge - Lower trunk rotations - Cat Cow - Adductor Rock Backs - Segmental flexion Now get on and WIN the day!! Video edited by: instagram.com/aesthetic_al
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