3 Levels Of Scapula Strengthening

3 Levels Of Scapula Strengthening Here are three levels of shoulder strengthening exercises that are sure to challenge your shoulders! During these movements, really emphasize protraction at the scapula by making sure to get that extra push at the end of your push-up. Closed-chain exercises like these will target the rotator cuff muscles to help stabilize the gleno-humeral joint. . . Level 1A: Push-Up Plus ✅ Closed chain exercises are a great way to improve your scapular control. To perform this exercise simply protract and retract your scapulae. - Protraction = Pushing your body away from the floor. - Retraction = Bringing your shoulder blades together. . . Level 1B: Downward Dog Plus ✅ Focus on the upward rotation at the Scapula again. ✅ Avoid shrugging as this comprises scapular elevation which is often a compensation of excessive upper trapezius or levator scapulae activation. Remember, we are targeting the rotator cuff musculature and NOT the upper trap or levator scap with this exercise. . . Level 2: Downward Dog with a Contralateral Knee Tap . . Level 3: Reverse Scapula Walks (one of my favorites!) ✅ Begin in a staggered position with one elbow near the ipsilateral knee. In the video I start with my left elbow next to my left knee. ✅ I then lunge backward initiating with my left leg and right arm. When pushing away with your arm focus on pushing your scapula AWAY from you by drilling into the floor. This will focus on recruitment of the upward rotators of the shoulder blade, which primarily include the serratus anterior and trapezius muscles. . Note: This is hard to coordinate at first, however will be a staple in your shoulder routine once you get it down. Tag a friend that needs to level up their shoulder strength! . The Prehab Guys are proud to partner with @webpt, the leading rehab therapy platform for enhancing patient care and fueling business growth.
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