3 Cues to Improve your Plank

1️⃣st Cue: Spread the floor. Very similar to increasing the arch of your foot, this will increase the arch of your hand. In addition this will help activate the posterior cuff and scapula retractors with the horizontal abduction moment created. . 2️⃣nd Cue: Squeeze your toes and your hands together, without moving anything. This will help engage the anterior oblique sling. You will feel the core or pillar much more with this cue! � if you are performing a plank on your forearms, same idea applies-squeeze your feet and elbows together . 3️⃣rd Cue: Wrap your Triceps around towards your Armpit. You can see this is accomplished by moving my elbows from points out -> my hips. This will take slack out of the system. You will feel much more stabile in the scapula with this cue. . � As always don't let the scapula sag back although not mentioned in this video. . Try out these three cues! Notice how holding a high plank, or the top of a push-up position because so much more challenging when you create tension. Perform this 3x30 seconds! If too challenging you can attempt this on an elevated surface or on your knees.
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