2,000 meter Row Assessment

  • For this assessment you will set the rowing ergometer up for what works best for your body. Set the digital monitor for 2,000 meters. Once set, start pulling and keep rowing until the screen reads 0. The aim of the test is to cover the 2,000 meters in the shortest possible time. You should feel very exhausted after this effort.
  • Quick coaching tip: Better scores are achieved with a steady and even split time rather than starting conservatively and then coming home strong, or going out too fast and not being able to complete the 2,000 meter distance, so pick an appropriate pace from the beginning.
  • Prehab Goals & Normative Values: 7-8 minutes for males, 8-9 minutes for females
  • Prehab Goals: 7 minutes for males and 8 minutes for females

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