Tall Kneeling Hip Hinge – Resisted, Standing

HOW: Start in a tall kneeling position with both knees down on the ground. The first step is to posteriorly tuck your pelvis by imagining you’re tucking a tail between your legs. Next, keeping this tuck, squeeze your glutes and core very hard and drive your hips forward, into extension. You should feel like you are opening up the front of your hips. Variation 1 involves using a superband and stepping inside of it, with the band around your waist. Variation 2 involves using a superband and threading it between your legs, holding it with your arms. In both variations, fight the resistance from the band to help you perform a hip hinge movement.   FEEL: You should feel your glutes working very hard as you push your hips forward and even a stretch in the front of your hips.   COMPENSATION: Do not overarch at the lower back.
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